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Actor/Character Bios.


Character Background: Ringo Langly

One wonders just how much of life this man takes seriously. Sporting black-rimmed glasses, long blond hair and T-shirts from a dozen hard-rock bands, he is not the picture of a conventional conspirator. Langly is the communications expert of the Lone Gunman editorial collective, the one most likely to joke with Mulder or invite him to "hop on the Internet to nitpick the scientific inaccuracies" of a new science-fiction show. But he's also a little bent; in "Fearful Symmetry," his colleague Byers explains Langly's absence in a meeting as a philosophical aversion to having his image bounced off a satellite. He automatically records every incoming phone call, and is evidently as conversant with current conspiracy theory as his two compadres. But he is ready with a laugh any time Mulder's theories get a little "out there," such as the idea that UFOs started the Gulf War. Nevertheless, when Mulder insists that Langly turn off the recording device in "E.B.E.," Langly does not hesitate to lie to him. Among the Lone Gunmen, truth is as rare as trust.

Actor Background:Dean Haglund

Born and bred in Winnipeg, Haglund performs regularly as a stand-up, as a member of the improv group Vancouver TheaterSports, and is a veteran of many TV series and movies: "I sold drugs to Lorenzo Lamas in [HBO's upcoming] Mask of Death." In an episode of Lonesome Dove: The Series, "I was beaten and hanged before the first commercial."
Inspiration for Langly: Computer-nerd friends and grunge-rocker types.
How he's like Langly: "I own a computer, I listen to the Ramones, the long blond hair is for real."
How he's not: "I'm not as paranoid and I don't wear glasses."
Startling revelation: "I'm Canadian and I can't skate."
Favorite episodes: "War of the Coprophages" (killer cockroaches) and "E.B.E." (introduced the Lone Gunmen).
Off duty: Married, practices yoga, can do splits.
Is the truth out there? Regarding his character's conspiracy theories he says, "They're all true--but only to certain people."
What he'd like for Langly: "A job at the Pentagon."
Actor filmography

1.X-Files: The Movie (1998) .... Ringo Langly
2.Mask of Death (1996) .... Dealer
3.Dangerous Indiscretion (1994) .... Crack head
4."X-Files, The" (1993) TV Series .... Langly (1994-)

Notable TV guest appearances

1. "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" (1998) playing "MIB (Mr. Lincoln) " in episode: "Honey, I Shrunk an Illegal Alien"
2. Sliders (1995) playing "Stockboy" in episode: "Fever"
3. Street Justice - Appeared in one episode. No information is available.
4. Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years (1995) playing Nathan Silas in episode: "The Return".
5. The Commish (1994) playing "Zack" in episode: "Working Girls".
6. The Commish (1992) playing "Drug Dealer" in episode: "V.V."

Miscellaneous crew filmography

1. Channel 92 (1996). "Pilot". Haglund was the cowriter.


Character Background: Melvin Frohike

Short, unshaven and clad in combat boots, Frohike is the Frog Prince of the Lone Gunman editorial board. Next to Langly and Byers, he looks like the proverbial dirty old man. From his first leering appearance in "E.B.E.," he has made no secret of his attraction to Agent Dana Scully. The photographic and surveillance specialist in the group, he once loaned Mulder a pair of night-vision goggles only after extracting Scully's phone number from him. Yet he has shown a tender side as well, being the only person to bring Scully flowers when she lay dying in "One Breath." Not a great talker, Frohike grows loquacious only when Mulder teases him; he succinctly summarized the atmosphere of suspicion and paranoia in Mulder's apartment during "Anasazi" with one bon mot: "weirdness."

Actor Background: Tom Braidwood

Theatrical actor before he began working in TV production on such series as 21 Jump Street. The Vancouver native also serves as assistant director on X-Files.
Inspiration for Frohike: Braidwood asked writers Glen Morgan and James Wong, "Is Frohike just a foil or an intelligent foil? Is he a dirty old man or more than that?" Mostly he focused on Frohike's first impression of Scully: "'She's hot.' It encapsulated the whole character."
How he's like Frohike: "I've got a good sense of humor."
How he's not: "I like pretty and intelligent women, but I have enormous respect for them, whereas Frohike just lusts after them. His mouth is bigger than his mind."
Startling revelation: Enjoys gardening.
Favorite episodes: "Dd Kalm" (the agents age rapidly on a stranded tanker) and "Duane Barry."
Off duty: Married with two daughters, he writes scripts and watches videos in his spare time.
Is the truth out there? "Something's out there. Whether we've met it or not, I don't know."
What he'd like for Frohike: "It would be great to have the Lone Gunmen in the field helping Mulder, then bungle it." (In fact, this will happen in an upcoming episode.)
Actor filmography

1.X-Files: The Movie (1998) .... Melvin Frohike
2.Only Way Out, The (1993) (TV) .... Court Official
3."X-Files, The" (1993) TV Series .... Frohike (1994-)
4.The Portrait. Feature film unreleased. Shot in 1992. Role: Unknown
5. Eyes of an Angel. Feature film. Released 1991 Role: Unknown
6. Mom P.I. Series. "Beneath the Pacific", aired 1990. Role: Unknown
7. My American Cousin (1985) .... Wally
8. Harry Tracy. Feature film. Released 1981. Role: Unknown

Miscellaneous crew filmography

1. "X-Files, The" (1993) TV Series (first assistant director)
2. The Portrait (1992) Unreleased film. Producer.
3. The Odyssey (1992-1994) Job unknown
4. Eyes of an Angel (1991) (first assistant director: Canada unit)
5. Madison (1991-1994) TV Series. Job unknown.
6. 21Jump Street (1987-1990) TV Series First assistant director.
7. My American Cousin (1985) (production manager)
8. "Danger Bay" (1984) TV Series (first assistant director)

Producer filmography 1.Low Visibility (1984)

Notable TV guest appearances

1."Mom P.I." (1990) in episode: "Beneath the Pacific" 1990


Character Background: John Fitzgerald Byers

The military and information systems expert of the Lone Gunman cabal, Byers looks like a professor who has wandered into a CIA rendezvous by mistake. His neat beard and dapper suits seem out of place among his grungier colleagues, but his sharp mind and no-nonsense demeanor attest to an encyclopedic knowledge of conspiracy theory and current speculation on everything from the Kennedy assassination to the latest in DNA research. In "One Breath," Byers unerringly recognizes and describes the bizarre recombinant chemistry that lies at the heart of Dana Scully's disease, and quietly expresses sympathy to Mulder. He occasionally indulges in a wit as sardonic as Mulder's, as when he tells him, "That's why we like you, Mulder: Your ideas are weirder than ours." Unlike co-conspirators Langly and Frohike, he is the least liable to crack a joke or even a smile, but his calm intelligence lends authority and believability to the unlikely trio's offices.

Actor Background:

The British Columbian has appeared on 21 Jump Street, Wiseguy, and MacGyver, on which he had a recurring role as environmental expert Willis.
How he's like Byers: "I think of Byers as a university professor. I'm a pretty bookish person. " How he's not: "He's too weird, intense, paranoid. And I don't wear suits."
Startling revelation: Trained as a figure skater in his youth. Favorite episodes: "Humbug," "War of the Coprophages."
Off duty: Reads, skis; married to a high school teacher.
Is the truth out there? "I believe there's life on other planets, but I don't believe that UFOs are saucers from another world."
What he'd like for Byers: "I'd like to get him to chase an alien."
Actor filmography

1.X-Files: The Movie (1998) .... John Byers
2.Beauty's Revenge (1995) (TV) .... Cameraman ... aka Midwest Obsession (1995) (TV)
3.Bye Bye Birdie (1995) (TV) .... Reporter #1
4."X-Files, The" (1993) TV Series .... Byers (1994-)
5.Bingo! (1991) .... Network Executive
6.Fly II, The (1989) .... Technician

Notable TV guest appearances

1. "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" (1998) playing "MIB (Mr. Lincoln) " in episode: "Honey, I Shrunk an Illegal Alien"
2."Outer Limits, The" (1997) playing "Dr. Avery Strong" in episode: "A Special Presentation"
3."Outer Limits, The" (1996) playing "Dr. Norris" in episode: "Trial By Fire"
4."Outer Limits, The" (1995) playing "Technician" in episode: "Valerie 23"
5."MacGyver" (1991) playing "Willis" in episode: "Hind Sight"
6."MacGyver" (1991) playing "Willis" in episode: "Trail of Tears"
7."MacGyver" (1988) playing "Willis" in episode: "The Wasteland"
8. "Earth Star Voyager" (1988) playing Dr. Leland Eugene
9."MacGyver" (1987) playing "Juice" in episode: "Blow Out"


Character Background: Jimmy Bond

He's everything the The Guys aren't: young, athletic, rich -- and alas, dumb as a fence post. But his heart (and his finances) are in the right place, because Jimmy really wants to be a force for good. He wants to go out and thwap EvilNastyPeople and undo Nefarious Plots -- if only he could find them.

Fortunately, he has three friends who know just how to find all sorts of interesting devious doings. And it only takes a small amount of arm-twisting to persuade them to let Jimmy Bond have a piece of the action.

Actor Background: Stephen Snedden

Would you believe he's a stand-up comic?

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Snedden graduated from Oklahoma State University (OSU) with a double major in theatre and television production (a double major in ANYTHING these days is an impressive feat!). He appeared in a number of OSU theatre productions, including The Doctor In Spite of Himself, MacBeth, and The Living.

Stephen has a reputation for persistence. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, his car died and he had to use public transport to go to acting lessons and to auditions for over a year. His determination landed him several small roles in television as well as roles in the movies, Freedom Song and Coyote Ugly.

He's also done improv at the Los Angeles Comedy Store.


Character Background: Yves Adel Harlow

The high tech spy world isn't just a playground for guys -- and Yves Adele Harlow (an anagram of "Lee Harvey Oswald", by the way) proves that women can play the game just as well as the men can.

Robinson describes Harlow as "very self-confident" and rather like "a female James Bond."

Known Aliases:
Leroy W. DeShavela (Water for Octane)
Sara Lee Wheyvold(Planet of the Frohikes)

Actor Background: Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha (pronounced "zoo-like-a") Robinson is a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene. She made her first feature film debut in the movie "Time Code", which appeared in theatres in April, 2000. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and has appeared in numerous theatre productions in the Los Angeles area.

I hope to have more information on Jimmy/Snedden and Yves/Robinson soon.

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