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LonegunCatWomans Protectors Page
Current LGM Items ALREADY Protected


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Here is the list of Lonegunmen Characters/Actors/Items that are currently under Protection:)
LGM Characters/Items:

-Langlys Van
-Langlys Laptop
-Langlys Glasses
-Langlys Wink
-Langlys Rock Tees
-Langlys KungFu
-Langlys Hair
-Langlys Girly Scream
-Langlys Virginity
-Langlys' toe-touch in
Tango de los Pistoleros.
-Langlys' Video Games
-Langly's blue face in "All About Yves"
-Langly's rarely used first name "Ringo"
-Langly's love for The Ramones

John Fitzgerald Byers, Byers
-Byers Suits
-Byers Beard
-Byers Blue Eyes
-Byers Rarely Seen Smile
-Byers support of Jimmy
-Byers' idealism
-Byers' Cute Butt
-Frohikes Fingerless Gloves
-Frohikes Weird Vests
-Frohikes Leather Clothes
-Frohikes Glasses
-Frohikes Home made MRI Machine
-Frohikes Ponytail (should he grow it back)
-Frohikes Biting Wit
-Frohikes Intelligence
-Frohikes Underwear
-Frohikes Big Brown Eyes
-Frohikes Boots
-Frohikes Stubble
-The "Fro-Jack"
-Frohike's tango in Tango de los Pistoleros
-Frohike's Fedora in Tango de lost Pistoleros 
-Frohikes blue contact lenses
-Ties Frohike tried on in "Eine Klein Frohike"
-Frohike's weird disguise in "Eine Kleine Frohike"
-Frohikes Grouchiness
-Frohikes KungFu
-Frohikes Flask(whiskey bottle)
-The little diorama Jimmy made
-Jimmys Spiked Hair
-Jimmys wonderful beautiful Heart
-Jimmys Football for the Blind*
-Jimmys Innocences
-Jimmy's New York licence plate MODIV 8
-Jimmy's black Ram Air Firebird
-Jimmy's smile
-Jimmy's loveable stupidity
-Jimmy's sunglasses
-Jimmy's first byline
-Jimmy's love of the gunmen
-Yves True Identity
-Yves and Jimmys Developing Relationship
-Yves' mysteriousness
-Yves' other anagram alter egos(with Lee Harvey Oswald)
-Yves' kiss she gave the upside down Frohike in the Pilot ep.(of the LGM series)
-Yves' anagrams
LGM Miscellaneous
-Their Minibus
-The Warehouse
-The Mobile Command Post
-TLGMS Cute Butts
-Adorable looks between Jimmy&Yves
-"Tiggers" Golf Bag
-The Mask Jimmy Used To Disguise Himself as Skinner
-The water powered car
-The poisonous chocolate cake
-The E-Con-Com chip
-Lone Gunmen theme
-The locks on the warehouse door