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About Me

This is a bad pic...but a pic none the less, I hope to get a better one on the site soon though.

The Basics...
Hmmm...lets see. So you want to know about me eh? Well for starters I suppose I should give some basic info. I'm 19, I'm a college student(currently taking a break to work for awhile), and I home to someday have a career working with animals in some way or another. Possibly studying animal behavior...if that doesn't work out I'll settle for a career involving computers or computer graphics/animation.
Now for the fun stuff...
I'm a huge LoTR/Tolkien fan, I have my own LoTR/Tolkien message board and I hope to have a homepage for my message board soon. I'm also a member of several different LoTR/Tolkien discussion boards and rpgs. Legolas is my favorite LoTR character next to Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, and the hobbits. I would've loved to visit the set of the LoTR movie in New Zealand, I've always wanted to see the inside of a hobbit hole and the Rivendell set must have been amazing. I own or have read almost all of Tolkiens books and I love them all!
Speaking of elves and Legolas, I also happen to be a big fan of Orlando Bloom. He's just to cool.(and to hot;) )
Aside from that stuff...
I like weird stuff(well weird to normal(boring)people..if there is such a thing as normal hehe)like The X-Files, The Lonegunmen, ArtBell, and anything that has to do with aliens,UFOs,paranormal activity(ghosts and stuff),crypto creatures(BigFoot,Mothman,Nessie,ect.),the undead(vampires mainly...but have no fears, I'm no vampire),and anything like that.
More normal info....
As I said before I hope to have a career in animals someday. I love animals, cats especially and I have three cats of my own. I love wild cats as well. My favorite 'big cats' are White Tigers, Snow Leopards, Black Jaguars, and Ocelots(which are actually small I guess lol). Bobcats and Lynx are also cool. I also have a dog...Bitty the Chihuahua, she's about a year old or so and quite the character. I used to have a hamster and a rabbit and an old dog as well but they died:(.
And if you must know...
I do like sports. My favorite sport is Football(american kind although soccer is cool too hehe)and I also like Rugby and Volleyball. Basketball is alright but I just don't fancy it to much.
Also I do like to write a the moment I don't have much written but I plan on writing some stuff soon so maybe you'll see some on one of my journals sometime:)


Name: Ashley Fisher
Age: 19...20 in January!
Height: 5'1
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Fav. Color: Blue
Fav. Movies:
(you know RoTK will be
on this list soon lol)
Interview With TheVampire
The Matrix
Fight The Future(X-Files movie)
The Patriot
Saving Private Ryan
..and I could go
on and on...