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LonegunCatWomans Protectors Page


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(This page is mostly for those who aren't members yet) What's a Protector? How do you join? Just read on and find out!


This club, that I call The Protectors for lack of a better name, is for devoted LGM/XF fans. It is dedicated to the protection of the LGM/X-Files and to ensuring that the knowledge of the fact that the LGM are indeed alive and well and JtS was a farce is made known.(In your face FOX,CC,1013,Morgan&Wong, and anyone else who orchestrated JtS!).
Like a club you will be given a number(EXAMPLE: Protector #1) after which, like a keeper in a way, you will be able to choose which LGM/XF item or,unlike keepers, LGM/XF character you would like to protect.(Note: there can be more than one character and item protector. After which you should have a list something like this: Protector#1 Sacred Protector of Langly
Protector of Langlys' Van
Protector of Langlys' laptop
Protector of the Save the LGM! Campaign
The above list is mine...(if your a keeper and you don't keep anything mentioned in my list(above)you can protect the items you're keeper of...if your keeper and protector of the same item that item is double protected andn "NOBODY" can ever take it away or copy it without due punishment:))
If you are the first to protect an item or character you become that character or items "Sacred Protector" which means you have the authority to share protection,exchange protection,or remain sole protector of that character or item.

What You Can Protect:
-Anything/Anyone LGM
-Anything/Anyone X-Files
-Miscellaneous Requests(Your mom, Britney Spears, The Crew of Voyager, Buffy, Lord of The Rings stuff, ect.) I ask that miscellaneous requests be kept to a minimum due to the fact that this is a LGM/XF club meant for XF/LGM fans and some members might not like the idea of having a huge list of non XF/LGM related stuff taking up space on the site hehe. Thanx for your cooperation:)Now Join!!!

There are 4 ways you can join:
1. Email your membership request to:
2. Request Membership at the next Protectors Roll Call.(Watch for them at the FOX X-Files Forum the Protectors Forum, and The LGMKungFu Forum. If I hold a roll call in forum not listed here I will let all the members know when and where.)
3. Go to the ProtectorsForum(in ProtectorsHQ) and post your membership request there(In the MembershipRequest folder).
4.Simply fill out the form below.

(Note: You must specify an item/character to Protect when you send/post your membership request...if you want to see what's already protected check out the Current members/items protected page.)

Join The Protectors

What/Who would you like to protect?:

"Testing 1 2 3 You Bitch! That's twice today I've been violated! That's it man! Total war! Salt the Earth!"-Ringo Langly