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Welcome to the ProtectorsNewsletter!!!

(For the time being the ProtectorsNewsletter is other words there hasn't been a new issue in a very long time but I plan to put together a sort of re-commissioning issue as soon as I can find stuff to put in it. However, you can still sign up for the newsletter if you would like, it would save you time later and you'd get important updates on this site and the status of the newsletter in the meantime. ~LonegunCatWoman, Founder and first member of the Protectors.)

Sign up for the Protectors newsletter! It's the perfect way to stay informed about:
-Site Updates/News
-Protectors Updates/News
-Gunfen News
and much, much more.
My goal for this newsletter is for it to be a newsletter "Of Protectors, for Protectors, by Protectors." In other words, I would like some of you Protectors out there to contribute to the newsletter in some way or another if you're interested.
Some Ideas include:
-Submit a FanFic
-Submit an article about a LGM/XF actor,actress,character, or other LGM/XF topic
-Sumbit your favorite LGM/XF quote.
-Sumbit your URL...Tell others about your XF/LGM website!
If you are interested in recieving the news letter fill out the form below. If you are interested in Recieving the newsletter and contributing to it Fill out the Contributer Form. Thanx and Enjoy!

Main SignUp Form
(Note: I ask for your WordProccessor because I need to know what file type to send the newsletter as.)

E-Mail Address:
What word processor do you use?(Word,Works,WordPerfect, ect.):

Contributer SignUp Form

E-Mail Address:
What word processor do you use?(word, works, wordperfect,ect.):
What would you like to contribute to the newsletter?
Would you like to be a long term contributer?

Sign-Up Help:
1. Word Processor-I need to know this so I can send you the newsletter as the right file type. Please make sure this information is accurate and complete (Example: Word2000(Office2000 for Windows)
2.What would you like to contribute?-Tell me what you want to put in the newsletter.
3. LongTerm Contributer-Tell me if and why you want to be a regular contributer and what you'd like to contribute(Example: "yourname's"X-Files Episode Reviews)
If you have any further questions email them to Thanx.