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Current X-Files Items ALREADY Protected


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Here is the list of X-Files characters/actors/ and items currently under protection.

X-Files Characters/Items
-Mulders' Office
-Mulders' Wit and Wisdom
-Mulders' Leather Coat
-Mulders' "I Want To Believe" Poster
-Mulders' Goldfish
-Mulders' Fish Tank
-Mulders' Badge
-Mulders' Apartment
-Mulders' Porn Collection
-Mulders' Believability of other life
-Mulder's middle name William
-Mulder's mother
-Mulder's attitude
-Mulder's desk
-Mulder's basketball
-Mulder's computer
-Mulder's trenchcoat
-Mulder's smile
-Mulder's youthful excitement
-Mulder's Hair
-Mulder's Lamp
-The Scully Giggle
-Scullys' Cross
-Scullys' Apollo Keychain
-Scullys' Badge
-Scullys' Apartment
-Scullys' Skepticism
-Scully's humor
-Scully's loyalty
-Scully's honesty
-Scully's personality
-Scully's mother
-Scully's middle name Katherine
-Scully's continuously changing hair
-Scully's trenchcoat
-Scully's Dog Queequeg
-Scully's smile
-Scullys Grin(appearantly different from her smile...hehe)
-Scully's eyebrow raise
-Scully's Optimism
-Scully's Love
-Scully's Cigarette(in Syzygy?)
-Scully's Hope
-Scullys' Hair
-Scully's FBI jacket(in "Fight the Future")
Baby William
-Doggetts Gross Face
-Doggetts Shoe in 'John Doe' 
Monica Reyes
-Reyes' Reading Glasses
-Skinners' Glasses
-Skinner's office
-Skinner's middle name Sergei
AD Kersh
-Kryceks' Nanopad Thingy
-Kryceks' Fake Arm
-Krycek's alter ego(seen in SR 819)
-Krycek's leather jacket
-Krycek's gloves
-Krycek's evil smirk
-Krycek's sexy gaze
-Krycek's sexy eyes
-Krycek's nanobots
Mr. X
Deep Throat
Marita Covarrubias
Cigarette Smoking Man
Eugene Victor Tooms
Jeffrey Spender
The Syndicate
Jeremiah Smith
Brad Follmer,
Shannon McMahon,
Billy Miles
-"nothing Important Happened Today",
-"Nothing Important Happened Today II",
-Mulder's and Scully's love for eachother
-CSM's very first cigarette that was seen in the pilot
-The vials containing dried insects from FTF
-"The little green men"
-Seasons 1-6
-Alien Bounty Hunter
-Stiletto (used to kill Alien Bounty Hunter)
-The Roadrunners Bus (in "Roadrunners")
-"Who's the black private d*ck who's a sex machine with all the chicks...SHAFT! Can ya dig it? They say this cat Shaft's a BAAAAD Mother--shut yo mouth! I'm talkin bout Shaft!"-Fox Mulder
-'All Things'
-'Bad Blood'
-Baby Spooky

Mulder in his office

Current Members/Items Protected

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